• News 12.12.2014

    Delegation from China

    Mao Weiming, Vice Minister of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Digitalisation, in operation since 2008, was a guest of Kraków Technology Park (KTP).
  • News 19.11.2014

    Global Entrepre- neurship Week

    For many years the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) has contributed to the preparation of the programme of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Much like in the...
  • News 20.11.2014

    Games design workshops

    Workshops in designing with Pascal Luban, a world-class game designer, will be held on 4th and 5th December. On the first day, Pascal will lecture and...
  • News 14.11.2014

    Kraków – city with the brains

    From Smart People to Smart City – Evolution or Revolution?, the conference recapitulating the first two stages of project under the name SMART_KOM was held...